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Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action! Grade 10 students recently wrote and performed their own short scene as part of their IB Pre-Diploma Drama course.  Students reflected on important celebrities or historical figures and wrote a monologue about an important time for their character. The audience was entertained by a variety of performances, from Florence Nightingale, to Heath Ledger, […]

Sounds of Spring

Sounds of Spring MYP Students record their first digital album Year 9 students are putting the finishing touches on their first class recording as part of their MYP music class this semester.   Students have shown determination and dedication to complete this task in a short amount of time.  They have collaborated to adapt their favourite […]

University Admission Notice

Happy Counselors It’s the most wonderful time of the year here in the university counseling office: offer time!  It is still quite early in the application cycle, so many universities have not made their decisions yet.  However, the universities in the U.K. have wasted no time in making great offers to NBHIS students.  Our applicants […]

Demo Classes for HMFLS Y8 Students

In June 6th, 386 students from HMFLS were invited to our demo classes, subjects including English, Music, Art, Design, Drama, Science and PE classes. Music: Students were given an introduction to how music technology and instruments can be combined for a fun interactive musical experience. Students were given the chance to also create their own […]