At NBHIS we offer weekly boarding; students come in on Sunday evening and go home early on Friday afternoon.

Junior boarders – PYP

Live with our junior students in age group dormitories in the international building. Our boarding Ayis sleep in the same room and care for them before and after school. Their meals and bathing are supervised by these Ayis. After-school lessons and evening homework time are supervised by Chinese teaching staff, who know each student and are on hand to help them with homework or study.


The dormitories are typical of Chinese style with solid bunk beds and cupboards for clothes and small desks. Students are 4 and 2 to a room, depending upon their age and programme. There are bathrooms on every floor in every wing.

Our foreign students in the Chinese as a Foreign Language Programme who stay on campus over the weekend, have a separate dormitory and a host of weekend activities provided. All NBHIS students live in a dedicated building for foreign boarders.

MYP/DP/CFL boarding students have eating options on campus. The extensive HMFLS cafeteria serves Chinese food and the Rainbow Café has western light food and snacks. There is also a small snack store.

Boarders take advantage of the courts, basketball and volleyball, the oval – football, and the library after school. The grounds include a river, grotto, a park and numerous walks with gardens alongside; plenty of chance for students to be outside and to relax.