The North American Programme (NAP) offers a pathway for our students to study at university in Canada or the USA.  Our partnership with Columbia International College in Canada, gives access to Canadian university through online units leading to a Canadian high school diploma.

Advantages of NBHIS’ collaboration outside institutions – why do our NAP students do so well in college?

Learning in the NAP gives our students time to manage study in English to the point where they will be successful in college. The English is a controlled language acquisition through four different phases.  Each 6 months, after testing, students have the chance to progress to the next language phase when they are ready.

The inquiry mode of teaching other subjects is different from traditional Chinese schooling. Students need time to make the change and to begin to appreciate and enjoy instruction in English, and a learning style which focuses on skills. The learning challenges include written and spoken communication and building the confidence to manage grade online units from a Canadian high school or a college foundation or degree programme, depending upon which pathway they choose.

Our high school subjects include the Ontario curriculum Our broad curriculum including art, music and PE is designed to foster good habits and lifelong learning in our students who will go into their adult life with an awareness of health and an appreciation of arts culture. We prepare our students to grow into healthy, cultured adults.

Beginning their path to foreign university while boarding at NBHIS and having the support of family ensures a smooth transition to their next phase of learning. Individuals take different amounts of time to acquire and successfully use a new language, and our teachers are skilled in aiding their process. Our students become familiar with the foreign curricula alongside deepening their Chinese cultural and linguistic abilities. They are ready to travel overseas knowing who they are and being sure and clear about their future pathway and goals.

We offer our NAP student XueKao classes and examinations

within the NAP years. Specialist Xuekao teachers help our students with this examination.

NBHIS NAP Activities
The whole of the international school offers Co-Curricular Activities Mon-Thurs. These activities run according to student interest and include sporting, artistic and service experiences. We encourage our students to do two activities each week to help them discover interests and activities they will keep for life. This rounds out their experience with hobbies and pastimes which bring release from stress and tension, and which help focus on academics.

Summer camps
Successive years of NBHIS NAP students enjoyed summer camp in CIC. Hiking, outdoor camping and canoeing on pristine Canadian lakes is an amazing experience. Students form friendships, which last them through high school and college. They understand by seeing that Canada is a beautiful country with much to offer them, in future study positions.

Leadership camps
NAP leadership camps are an excellent way for students to develop outside of the classroom and reach new heights.  Students are presented with well managed risks and encouraged to push past their comfort zone. The programme uses an experiential methodology, and students are supported to think through and reflect on the learning process. The leadership camp has three goals. 

  1. To develop students as confident individuals with physical competence and mental strength. Emphasis is also placed on developing a strong self image and identity. 
  2. To develop as life-long learners; being creative and resourceful to solve problems using their intuition and initiative.
  3. To strive towards being responsible global citizens; understanding the needs of others and showing compassion for themselves, others and the environment.