NBHIS PYP Early Years Programme (3-6 yrs. old)

NBHIS International kindergarten is part of the PYP International Baccalaureate. The IB continuum curriculum from kindergarten to high school, which has a worldwide recognition. Foreign and Chinese teachers collaborate to deliver learning experiences that provide a rich and engaging bilingual learning environment for students. Regardless of their students’ cultural background, the IB educators create a play-rich education experience and strong learning atmosphere.

NBHIS Early Years adopts ‘the small class model’ to give attention to every child’s needs and to maximise their natural abilities. Meanwhile, we also encourage children to learn collaboratively, through play and shared, focused inquiry. The IB goal is to cultivate world citizen who are inquirers as well as knowledgeable and caring individuals. NBHIS Early Years programme begins the journey of respect for others and their points of view. Children are encouraged to question, to explore, to reflect and to communicate what they are learning in a variety of ways. They begin to discover how they learn best and what challenges there are to be