NBHIS IBPYP programme

The international IB Primary Years Programme draws on multi-national, multilingual knowledge, research and contexts to promote and develop international mindedness in NBHIS students.

The Units of Inquiry, around which teaching and learning are centered, draw from global concepts and concerns and place them in an accessible, practical context for students. PYP learners focus on the large international celebrations, including those of Diwali, Christmas and Chinese New Year, as they explore traditions from different cultures and regions. Equally important is their research into smaller, specific practices which augments the focus of their studies. The path of inquiry and exploration leads from local, through regional, to global interests and practices.

The PYP’s inquiry-based, trans-disciplinary approach focuses on asking authentic questions and enabling students to contribute to the questions being asked, and therefore the direction of the Units of Inquiry (UOI). It celebrates a student’s sense of wonder of the world and the perspectives of others. An inquiry cycle comprises: asking questions, searching collaboratively for answers, sharing new understandings, reflecting on one’s learning and then taking action. The students focus on this life-long pattern of learning, understanding its power and authenticity. The trans-disciplinary feature means that single subjects are incorporated into a cohesive whole where possible. To achieve this, UOIs may focus on both geography and history, or on mathematics and music in one central question. As each Unit Of Inquiry is presented by both a foreign and a Chinese homeroom teacher, a dual perspective and sensibility is incorporated into all learning.

At the core of the IBPYP is the Learner Profile. In the IB, knowledge is important but the programmes focus on creating well-rounded learners who can inquire independently, be courageous in their thinking, communicate their learning, be thinkers who reflect on their experience, be open-minded and empathetic, caring of others and be principled. Students who enquire, are critical thinkers. In encouraging inquiry, we aim to create students who actively learn for their entire lives.

PYP students at NBHIS describe their classrooms as noisy, sometimes messy, works in progress; such classrooms are a great environment for learning. Our students are accepting of different nationalities, languages and learning styles within the school. Students of higher primary classes are encouraged to take ownership of designing their own assessments and lines of inquiry within set academic explorations. Our students are proud of their Learner Profile and Attitude awards and can articulate the reasons one may be awarded one of these. Students communicate and celebrate their learning through assemblies, learning journeys, conferences and the student portfolios.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Learning support (LS) professionals employed by the school support students with their specific needs and ensure every child is cared for individually. Specialists for art, drama, music and physical education develop specific skills making the PYP units trans-disciplinary and supporting a holistic education.

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