The middle school programme at NBHIS fosters inquiry-based, explorative classes. Students coming up through the school from the IBPYP programme are already well versed in independent discovery in all areas of knowledge and take well to the key questions posed by the separate subject teachers in middle school. An IB education labels itself as “informative, not definitive”. (“What is an IB Education” This approach particularly suits middle school students as they are searching paths and theories, which will take them through adolescence into early adulthood.

An understanding of the bridges between disciplines strengthens all learning, and NBHIS Middle School makes strong connections between individual subject disciplines and broader areas of knowledge, reinforcing concepts and introducing students to crossover knowledge.

A reasonable command of English is necessary for entry into middle school; however, we have a strong language acquisition policy whereby we give students with limited English intensive language classes. In addition, language teachers come into regular Science and Humanities classes to co-teach making sure that students gain important concepts in both languages.

All middle school students learn 2 languages, to further intercultural awareness and understanding, and as a good preparation for the IBDP programme. Other subjects include: mathematics, science, humanities, art, drama, and PE, each offered for approximately 50 hours each year. Project-based learning advances collaboration skills and active listening and negotiating. At some time in each academic year, all subjects will include a project undertaken in pairs, groups or independently. We are building a strong team of middle school specialists and enthusiasts, whose experience and enjoyment for this age group flows over into lively, purposeful lessons where fun is an integral part of learning.

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