Since the academic year 2014-15 the Learning Support Center is established in order to help students from different countries and at different levels to improve their basic knowledge before they enroll into the different international programs of the school. The core support area is focused on English and Mathematics.  The Learning Support Center uses the rich teaching resource of the school, the foreign teacher with rich experiences, the Mathematic teachers and teachers of other subjects to arrange the training and tutorial courses for the students. After the students pass the different tests, they will be qualified to enroll into the official international programs.

English Language Center  ELC
NBHIS being an International School, the medium of teaching all subjects (apart from the other language courses) is English. Teachers cater to the individual needs of all the learners, while planning their lessons. The role of English Language Center is to work as a support system for students, helping them to develop their overall language skills – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The ELC teachers are ESL (English as a Second Language) certified, and attend regular training and development sessions to bring modern facilities and education patterns to the system. Their major focus is on bringing the child to the desired level of expertise or language skill, based on their grade and age.
English Language Center has an unrivaled level of support for English Language Learners. The Center consisting qualified ESL teachers not only supports the language learners, but is also responsible for designing innovative methods and teaching techniques to improve students’ learning. Students from different programs – PYP, MYP as well as DP attend the ELC.

ELC teachers work in collaboration with the class teachers and prepare student evaluation reports with respect to their performance in English language. They prepare resources based on the language needs of students and incorporate appropriate content in their lessons. They provide a variety of classes, focusing on Effective Oral and Written Communication as well as English for Academic and Professional Development. Classroom activities involve visual, auditory and most importantly kinesthetic activities. Units are also incorporated from their IB curriculum to make them familiar with their classroom topics.

The objectives of the ELC are as follows:
1. To enhance students’ general proficiency in English to a level appropriate for further study;
2. To provide practical situations as far as possible for students to develop their proficiency in all four language skills in an all-round manner.
Given this world-class level of support, it is expected that students who have little or no prior knowledge of English will take about a year and two to reach to a good communicative level in all aspects of the language.
Students with a good communicative level of English will take a further two to three years in order to achieve a good academic command of the language equivalent to a native English speaker. The fact that all students are different, their needs also vary. Therefore, in the ELC they get special attention and care to advance in the areas they are lagging behind.
ELC is the backbone of NBHIS International School that targets to develop efficient English skills in Speakers of other Languages.