NBHIS aims to produce curious, tolerant, ambitious learners, who reflect on their choices and who accept difference with justice and compassion. Their respect for themselves and others, and their varied cultural understandings will encourage them to be peacemakers.

Through local awareness and involvement, and sustainable service, our programmes inspire a confidence which leads students to believe they can accomplish challenging tasks.

Our students accept responsibility, are unafraid to ask questions and are active, autonomous enquirers. Their hunger to know more makes them life-long learners, and problem-solvers.

Ningbo Huamao International School accepts applications for all qualified students—crèche through secondary levels—regardless of gender, race, or national origin. Our licence allows NBHIS to accept both Chinese and foreign nationals.

When all the required documents and the application fee are received, NBHIS reviews each application carefully to assess the student’s academic, language and social development. In some year levels, assessment tests, alongside an interview with parents and student are necessary before admission, to ensure proper placement. This is particularly important with students who come from different education systems or where school years begin and ends at different times of year.

Admissions Philosophy
NBHIS teaches students to make meaningful connections and responsible choices in school and in the wider world. We value creativity, knowledge, courage and respect. We offer holistic, inquiry-based learning, which nurtures the inherent curiosity of our students and aids them in becoming confident, articulate, lifelong learners.

Our classrooms are multilingual, and promote global, internationally minded perspectives in our students. We work collaboratively with our families to offer all students the opportunity to maximize their potential through a rich variety of educational experiences. We differ significantly from local schools in our approach to learning, in our management and in our philosophy. It is important that prospective parents visit our school and talk with teachers before making the decision to enroll their children.

Placement Process
Admission and placement decisions are made by the coordinators and specialist teachers and Principal. Considerations are:
1.the student’s age
2.their previous school records
3.results of entrance tests, if applicable
4.space available at the appropriate grade level
5.level of spoken and understood English
6.(If applying during the school year) the result of a trial day and subsequent interview with coordinator and teacher to determine likelihood of success


PYP – Crèche, KI, K2 and Prep
The criterion used for entry into Early Years’ classes is the applicant’s age, according to the cut-off date – August 31st. The placement interview will be held with the Coordinator who will look for coordination, and communication skills, and parent awareness and support of the IBPYP programme.

PYP – Years 1-3
To be successful in years 1-3 a child must understand simple spoken English at the time of entry. The ability to respond to simple commands and requests from the teacher is required. This will be determined at the time of interview. Prior education experience, his/her school records, report cards or other documentation will be reviewed.

PYP – Years 4-5
Within these year levels, English ability is increasingly important for students to succeed. The school offers regular class programme and English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme. Students, who initially require support, will be asked to attend extra English classes after school at an additional cost. Prior education experience, including report cards will be reviewed. An interview with the coordinator will complete the application process.

Middle School – Years 6-10
Students entering middle school are required to sit English and Math tests to determine fluency and competency, for entrance to NBHIS and placement in language and math classes. Previous school records, report cards or other documentation will be reviewed as to motivation, ability and character. Students need an IELTS score of 4 to enter mainstream middle school classes. An interview with the coordinator will complete the application process. Upon admission, students will be placed into an appropriate phase of mother tongue and second language learning, and into a streamed math class.

Year 10 – Pre-DP Class
Tests will be held on one Saturday each month from December to May for admittance to the NBHIS Pre-Diploma Programme class designed to continue on in Year 11 into the IBDP program. Enrolling students will be required to pass this entrance examination have an IELTS score of 5.0. For those students who fail to meet these requirements, NBHIS will assist in finding an alternative program that is suitable and challenging for the student.

Diploma Programme – Years 11-12
The IB Diploma is an academically rigorous two-year academic programme highly respected by universities around the world. Any student who wishes to enter NBHIS DP programme will need to produce previous school records for academic ability and English proficiency. Successful students will need an IELTS score of at least 5.0. Or a TOEFL score of 500 (internet based 61). An interview with the Diploma coordinator will help determine IBDP subjects and levels. Students coming form an MYP system will need a grade of 3 or more to enter an SL subject, and 5 or more to take an HL. In order to be successful in this programme, students must enter within one month of the start of the programme in Year 11. Upon entry, it is presumed that all students will attempt the full IB Diploma. A review will take place at the end of grade 11 and students who are not achieving a reasonable standard of work may be directed to take IB Certificate courses.

NBHIS Admission process includes the following:
1.Enquiry, school introduction and school tour
2.Parents complete the application forms to have their child(ren) enrolled in the school
3.Determining the needs (educational, social, physical, etc.) of the applicant and attempting to match the applicant with the most appropriate year level and programme
4.English placement test for students applying for years 4-12 who are not native English speakers
5.Application assessed by Co-coordinators and Principal
6.Offer of Placement or a letter indicating unsuccessful application (recommendation for another programme)

1.Application Form
2.1 passport- sized photos per student
3.Copy of the most recent report card (in English or Chinese; two most recent years for Secondary students)
4.Copy of student’ s passport & visa (For foreign students)
5.Copy of parents’ passports
6.Application fee

Mid-Year Applications
It is common for international students to transfer in and out at any time of year. If space is available and the procedures are followed, the school can accommodate new students at any time of year up until May.

Children with Study Support Needs (SSN)
NBHIS aims to assist students as much as possible. However, there are limits to the range of services provided. For this reason, NBHIS can only accept students with mild to moderate learning difficulties i.e. those children who can work successfully in a regular classroom environment with the support from an SSN teacher.

The school reserves the right (in consultation with the parents) to conduct all necessary assessments, to require copies of all previous reports and records and will only offer a place to those students whom the school believes will benefit from the educational programmes provided. Should a special need be identified after entrance, the school reserves the right to review the placement.