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NBHIS’ Got Talent

NBHIS’ Got Talent The 2nd annual NBHIS’ Got Talent was held on Wednesday, June 5th in front of a full audience of students and teachers. Confident, talented and skilled performers, ranging from ages 6 to 17 showcased a variety of acts including: violin, piano, dance, pipa, launchpad beatbotting, singers, bands and skits. It was a delightful morning […]

NBHIS Carnival 2019

What an extraordinary Carnival Day! The NBHIS family had a wonderful day raising money to support our long term connection with the Rainbow foundation charity.  This year, all the money from the ticket sales and student booth contributions will be donated to help schools in rural areas in the Guizhou province. The carnival officially kicked […]

Columbia International College Partner School Visit

CIC Partner School Visit to NBHIS On April 16, 2019, Mr. Bill Ironside, the new principal at Columbia International College (CIC) in Canada, visited NBHIS.  This is his first trip to Huamao and the second stop in China. Chen Jingbo, NBHIS CEO, Principal Cheryl, Principal Maggie, Carl Kirkpatrick, Assistant to the Chairman, and Duan Yunfeng, […]

DP Art Exhibition

NBHIS IB Diploma Art Exhibition The IB Diploma Art Exhibition in late March is the culminating event for the Year II IB DP visual art students.    Over the course of the two-year program, the students engage in a rigorous study of different media and techniques in order to better express themselves and their chosen concept. They research […]

Community Project in MYP

Our Year 9 students have begun work on an important part of their middle school life. The MYP students invited parents and guardians to school to introduce the Community Project. Mr. Ben Wills has been leading the year 9 students through the first stage of the project, and Mr. Tony Tong and Mr. Keola Johnson are assisting the […]