Located in Ontario, Canada, CIC is the largest private junior and senior boarding school in Canada. They offer close to 1800 students from more than 70 countries.

In June 2006, our school and CIC have become ‘sisters schools’. In July 2010, we renewed the collaborative agreement. Communication, academic exchange and language training between teachers and students in the two schools happen each year. The characteristics for communication between both schools are:
1.Every year both schools learn from each other concerning students management strategies and methods.. Executive director of CIC guides our school on teaching mode. Our teachers are given the opportunity for professional upgrading in CIC.
2.The director of CIC language center comes to our school to train our ESL teachers.
3.From May to July every year, math teachers from CIC visit us to give special curriculum (English-based math) for students.
4.We have summer camp between the two schools during summer holiday every year. We send our excellent teachers and students to CIC for upgrading for 3-4 weeks.

In April 2014, the program of academic collaboration between the two school was approved. International curriculum offered by this program include Chinese high school curriculum and year 9 -12 curriculum in Ontario. It offers a transitional chance for students to learn abroad. This help students to face all kinds of challenges in learning, language and living.

With keen consideration of the local ESL Chinese students, the characteristic of this collaborative program is to combine both practical situations and interesting co-curricula and electives which are immersed into the with Canadian curriculum. After obtaining a prerequisite entry score of 30 points, students would earn an Ontario high school diploma., Canada and this will enable them to apply with universities in countries such as Canada, U.S.A., United Kingdom and, Australia.