NBHIS Senior Team
Cheryl Keegan
Ningbo Huamao International School Foreign Principal, Australian, Cheryl Keegan has been an international educator for more than 35 years. She has lived and worked in 11 countries and in 12 International Schools. Cheryl evaluates and authorises IB Diploma Programme schools and assists the IB staff in monitoring progress with candidate schools. Cheryl’s role in NBHIS is as foreign principal responsible primarily for learning and teaching; this role encompasses staff professional development and training, recruiting, retention, and evaluation of staff.

Maggie Ye
Maggie is Vice Principal Academic at NBHIS. An experienced IB teacher, examiner and a trained workshop leader, Maggie visits schools to authorise and evaluate them for the IBO. Maggie was instrumental in the establishment of NBHIS. She oversees our Chinese staff development, she is helping develop our Sino programmes into strong offerings, and she is renewing and clarifying staff evaluation and promoting NBHIS to our Ningbo community. Maggie is the academic face for NBHIS in numerous outside groups and to our school community.

Sarah Chen
Sarah is Vice Principal Operations at NBHIS. Sarah is our link to all of the operations and facilities in our Huamao Foreign Language School; she oversees finance and purchasing for NBHIS and heads our International Office. The office manages our facilities and building, as well as logistics of events. Sarah’s team handles our marketing and is the face of NBHIS in our reception. Our International Office is our central core of logistics.

DP Team
NBHIS IB diploma programme teachers are experienced professionals who understand the challenges of this rigorous programme and who know how to encourage and sustain students on their 2 year journey to a diploma. Some are IB examiners and workshop leaders for other IB teachers. They read IB documents and publications to be aware of the best and fullest advice offered to IBDP teachers worldwide.

MYP Team
NBHIS is building a strong middle school team of teachers, well versed in their subjects who love working with this special age group. Our math, science and language specialists extend their students and lay a strong foundation for diploma studies. The coming subjects of Design and a broader arts programme will ensure that those in the middle have breadth of experience in order to know their abilities and interests before choosing diploma subjects.

PYP Team
Our IBPYP expert teachers understand the value of inquiry-based education and play which facilitates real curiousity and which leads to discovery. The PYP teachers create many of their own resources; tailor making them to fit with their focus on that particular Unit Of Inquiry. They use the paradigm Understanding by Design (McTighe and Wiggins 1998) to be confident in the skills they are building and in their assessment, both formative and summative of those skills.

IB Early Years Team
IB Early Years Team is both experienced and devoted to young learners. The foreign and Chinese homeroom teachers co-deliver our bi-lingual programme with confidence and care. The team introduces English and helps our youngest students with the transition into school and into inquiry learning. Their qualifications in early childhood education make them a capable and formidable team.

Sino Canadian and American team
Sino Canadian and American team is responsible for managing NBHIS students’transition from local school into international students ready to go to the US or Canada. This multinational staff must introduce a broad range of subjects and experiences and be mindful of the academic and cultural journey of Sino programme learners. They are also the cultural gatekeepers of our Chinese identity, making sure that local examples and knowledge is the starting point for all global information. They are successful in managing the smooth handover to our sister institutions in Canada and the USA.

The dedicated team in HSK has consistent success in preparing foreign students for examinations to enter Chinese and foreign university. The team is unified in their approach to their students, managing the difficult acquisition of Chinese language and culture, as well as elementary English and a range of academic subjects. The HSK experience is a very positive one for NBHIS students, as they look forward to the documented success of those who have gone before them. This confidence is in large part to the teachers in this section of our school.