Introduction to Trine University, USA
Scholarship can be applied for 4+1 undergraduate-graduate students
Release time: 2nd June 2015

Introduction to Trine University
Trine University is a famous private college which was founded in 1884 and has a long history of 129 years. It is one of the world-class universities that is acknowledged by foreign supervising net of Chinese ministry of education. The school locates in Angola, Indiana. It is in the center of Sitbon, which is called “ the town of hundreds of lakes”. Trine University has a safe and fine environment; you can get to Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis and Grand Rapids city within three-hour ride. Fort Wayne International Airport is the nearest one from the school.
Trine University is famous for its strict educational requirements, personalized education, competitive scholarship and financial aid. Trine attaches importance to the cultivation of leadership and guides students how to get a job. Students can get bachelor, master and doctor degree in Trine. U.S. News and Worlds Report evaluated Trine as one of the schools that had the least number of students in debt.
School Honors:
2013, U.S. News and Worlds Report, ranking 34th place in central and western colleges
2011, U.S. News and Worlds Report “2011 Best Colleges”, ranking 35th place in central and western bachelor degree, 90th place American undergraduate engineering major
2011, Princeton referred to as the best college in central and western areas.
2009-2010 Colleges of Distinction: one of American 184 Colleges of Distinction which are evaluated by the participation of students, standards of teaching, active group activities, etc.

Application requirements and admission schedule
Students who finish Chinese 11th grade curriculum and have fine marks and high overall quality, real-name recommended by principal, can apply for Trine University. Four years for undergraduates, one year for MBA or MSL bachelor degree.

The specific English requirement for applicants
Students whose IELTS score is 6 can take freshman course that is taught in English.
Students whose IELTS score is below 5 can take ESL course first.
Students whose IELTS score is 5 or 5.5 and pass the language course don’t have to take IELTS or TOEFL tests.

Tuition and Living Expense
Tuition fee is $29,000 per year, accommodation and living expense
is about $9,000 per year.

To complete undergraduate-graduate degree by saving one or two years in Trine University
In freshman year, students can learn both American culture and the course bilingually. American undergraduate education has four years, students who are not qualified have to take half-year or one-year language course. The bilingual class in Trine University solves the problem for students. What’s more, it only takes students one year to complete master degree.

A variety of choices are available for undergraduates in Trine University
Engineering and Technology College: biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, design engineering technology, electric engineering, and mechanical engineering
Arts and Sciences College: crisis management, mass media, computer technology, crime, information, biology, chemistry, math, music, psychological, medical domain
Business College: hotel and tourism management, application management, accountancy, business administration, finance, marketing, golf management, and sports management
Education College: elementary education, math education, science education, and health and sports education
Health Sciences College: sports science, physical therapy
Trine University is also renowned for its undergraduate education in Engineering, business administration, finance, sports management, education, crime and doctor degree of physiotherapy.