We welcome you to Ningbo Huamao International School –
Our Story:

Ningbo Huamao International School is the new name for our school as of 2015. Our name comes from our newly received permission from our education authority to be the official international school in our region. The name looks back to our past and forward to our future.

Ningbo – is our home, and where many of our students come from. Ningbo is rich in tradition and culture. This local knowledge and awareness informs our teaching, learning and discussions. We take advantage of our beautiful city to make students trips an exciting experience. We mix our understanding of Ningbo with our diverse backgrounds to provide a global perspective.

Hua Mao – links us with our founding school Hua Mao Foreign Languages School and with the Hua Mao Educational Group. Our founder has a broad interest in education and the arts and our campus, complete with art gallery and science museum, is a testimony to the breadth of interest among staff and students of NBHIS.

International – is true of our staff and students. We are a mix of East and West in our thoughts and systems. We welcome difference and approach each child as an individual who is part of a multi-national, complex whole. Our curricula include the global International Baccalaureate (IB) in two programmes, PYP, and Diploma. We have a Sino-Canadian, a Sino-American and a HSK programme catering for students making a path to universities in Canada, and the US specifically.

School – is what we are passionate about. We think of our students as independent, individuals, with open hearts and minds, ready to enquire, to test, and to process concepts as they learn. We encourage open discussion and reasoning, and our students challenge theories and find new paths for making sense of their world experience. We want to send independent thinkers out into the world, confident in their abilities to learn and adapt and to be compassionate to others’perspectives.