From October 27th to 28th, 2018, in the China Youth Business League (CYBL) has launched in Shanghai United International School, Wenzhou campus. Once again, students from NBHIS won the business case study champion, which best reflects team cooperation and comprehensive strength.

The China Youth Business League (CYBL) is China’s first and largest youth business case competition leagues, dedicated to nurturing potential entrepreneurs among domestic high school students. Its partner is the world’s first Wharton business school, which has a wide international reputation. And in May this year, our school team won the championship. Therefore the team participating this time has been placed great hope.

And in July this year, our school team participated in the national finals and made excellent results. Among them, John Xu has achieved the third place in the Accounting Competition. Therefore, the team participating this time has been placed great hope.

During the two-day intense schedule, our school DP students Timot, Konrad, Joe, and Tom lived up to expectations and won the championship, as well as the third place in marketing module. At the same time, all of the participants were qualified to advance to national finals. It is particularly worth mentioning that most of our participants are Y10 students and this is the first time they took part in this competition. They have withstood the tremendous pressure and achieved excellent results. Congratulations to all students!