Music is a time for fun-filled experiences of sound in all its variety.

From hearty singing to lively instrumental groups to making beats

on their iPads, students acquire a range of musical skills to meet the

future. Be it practicing to presenting, students are energized

and happy because they have full support to be themselves creatively

within the framework of inquiry.


DP Music Course

The DP Music Course is carefully balanced to provide opportunities for both open creative expression as well as skills-based projects.  Many students presume that in order to take Music at DP level, one needs to have several years training beforehand. This is not true, and in order to help students in their choices I will list some Frequently Asked Questions about the course here from a practical perspective:

Higher level
Creating: 25%
Performing: 25%
Written article: 20%
Listening paper exam:30%

Standard level
Creating OR performing: 50%
Written article: 20%
Listening paper exam:30%
(SL has fewer questions in exam)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t play any instrument or sing, but I like making music on my computer, do I still have to perform?

A:For SLstudents, no you don’t have to perform! You have a choice between performing and creating. Creating involves composing music mostly on your computer.

Q: I am a beginner guitarist, can I choose performing?

A:Yes! The criteria for performance support musicians of varying levels. What IB assess is choice of materials of contrast in styles and whether you have chosen the correct level according to your abilities.

Q: For performing do I have to play at a big concert?

A:No. Playing at a concert is encouraged but performing in front of a small audience won’t affect your grades as long as you show a good connection with your audience.

Q:  I can’t read music, do I need to be able to for this course?

A:Yes, you need to have skills and knowledge of music theory of at least grade 2 level by the end of semester 1 Year 11. This theory is relevant to most aspects of the course, and is achievable with a bit of time every day, even over a summer vacation.

Q: How many musical terms do I need to know and understand?

A: Like any subject there are important terms to know and remember, this would be the more challenging part of the course for most second-language learner students. there are roughly a minimum of 500 terms that you are expected to know and can be absorbed over the course time in the context of a unit.

Q: What is the written article about?

A: The written work is a 2000-word piece in a format of your choice: magazine article, interview, blog etc. investigating the musical links between two musical pieces of your choice from different eras, culture, country etc.