Hi, my name is Yunqin Lu (May). I graduated from Ningbo Huamao International School in 2015 and I had a great time there. In high school, I went to Australia for an exchange experience which was awesome and fun. I appreciate the opportunity that was offered by our school and I wish the exchange activity could be more extensive in the future because it is a great chance for students to experience and understand the diversity between different countries and cultures. I also played volleyball and badminton with friends back then, moreover, our team participated in several games related to these sports. Before my graduation, I got 39 for my predicted IB score and I was accepted by McGill University, UBC, Denison University, Lawrence University, et al.

I am currently a junior student in Denison University. I am majoring in Psychology and Economics. I chose Denison because I like small size college more than huge universities, and I also like the quiet and peace here which makes me concentrate on academic areas more. Usually, I will be in library and study until 2 am in the morning on weekdays and I will take a break on weekends. My entertainment is watching Youtube videos, working out, parties and video games. I appreciate my study experience in high school, and it has been very helpful for me to have a better study life in university, particularly for the first year.