I am Rita Shi. My final IB score was 34. I was admitted to Pratt Institute, and Savannah College of Art and Design and School of Visual Arts. Right now I am enrolled in School of Visual Arts in New York City.

It is more than a year since I graduated from high school and I am a sophomore right now. Looking back to the previous year, it really was a full year of getting familiar with the environment and exploring new things. Years ago I might not even think that I would be so close to the center of the world. I don’t have a lot things to say yet, since I am still in the early stage of my art career. However, I do have some thoughts to share about my current experiences.

I believe everything is so connected, It is all about courage. When I was in high school, I would even be frightened to speak in front of a lot of people to introduce myself, but a voice inside me kept telling me that no one cared about my talk. That was the first “risk” that I took. Life in NYC now is much different than that in high school, but my heart still goes that way. My collage life is totally different from what I imagined. The campus is located in Manhattan and I feel like I am one of the people going for work in the building in the financial district every time I walk to school. Not as romantic as I thought unfortunately, but it is so special, which I like. If I am a person who is not brave enough to face the new world and take challenges, I believe I would complain a lot. Life makes me understand that no one is going to help me unless I insistently try and look for help. To be honest, loneliness is inevitable, I am sad if anyone else is like me. However, I told myself that it is fine, be stronger and you will be a better man. Your passion is supposed to be greater than your fear.